Care and maintenance for DÖPFNER elements

Modern windows and doors are highly complex products.
Regular maintenance of the surfaces preserves the beauty and ensures lasting durability.
The fittings and door hinges should also be subject to regular technical inspections and maintenance.
Your dealer will be happy to carry out this maintenance work!


Glazed/opaque timber surfaces

  • Soak a cotton or leather cloth with the care liquid and wipe over the wood surface applying light pressure.
  • For stubborn dirt, soak a sponge with the care liquid and rub the surface in the direction of the grain.
  • Depending on the position, treat the outside at regular intervals – it is best to have this done by a specialist.
  • Care sets and cleaners are available from our color and surface partner ADLER’s online shop.

Timber window care set    SMART timber window care set    Exterior doors care set     COMPACT exterior doors care set       

The SMART TIMBER WINDOW CARE and COMPACT EXTERIOR DOOR CARE sets also contain a small bottle of FITTINGS OIL spray!


Oiled timber surfaces

  • Timber oiled surfaces should be treated with the appropriate ADLER PULLEX wood oil and a sponge approx. once a year depending on weathering.

Please contact your dealer
or our color and surface partner ADLER directly  

ADLER PULLEX wood oil | Sources of supply


Aluminum shells

  • can easily be wiped off with a damp, soft cloth (possible to add a mild cleaning agent, e.g. detergent or similar)


Rubber seals

  • If necessary, treat with a rubber seal care product (e.g. FENOFLEX rubber care product available from DIY stores or on the Internet)

FENOFLEX rubber care products

Fittings (lock components, door hinges etc.)

  • Oils: Sprinkle precisely at the closing points using the capillary tubes (e.g. with FENOPLAST fittings spray | from DIY stores or on the Internet)  

 FENOSOL fittings spray | Online shop

  • Please do not adjust the hinges and locking pins yourself in the case of sluggish elements.
  • There is a danger of overtightening resulting in a lack of functional safety (window sash could fall out of the frame in extreme cases).
  • Please have all adjustment work and more complex maintenance work carried out exclusively by a specialist company you trust.

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