Barrier glazing

for floor-to-ceiling fixed glass elements

Maximum security! Prevention is always better than cure!

Barrier glazing is designed to prevent glass breakage and the resulting risk of falling.
Depending on the glass surface and the installation height of the element, a standard glass construction is used.


Barrier glazing for floor-to-ceiling fixed glazing

  • Variants with double or triple glazing
  • TSG/LSG combination | Certified according to DIN 18008-4

"French balcony” version

Since floor-to-ceiling elements are becoming more and more the architectural standard not just on the ground floor but also on upper floors, potential fall hazards must be effectively prevented. Fall protection is installed in order to be able to open the glazed door without any worries.

This often used to be designed as a wrought-iron lattice and known as French balconies, these are nowadays mostly made of glass. We want to take the trend towards even more incidence of light and large glass surfaces with glass fall protection into account and ensure a "barrier-free" view.


Parapet-high glass fall protection:  The "French balcony" version

  • LSG laminated glass with two TSG panes

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