Timber or timber-aluminum

Our best value for money lift & slide system.

  • Lots of light through large glass surfaces
  • Woods and surface finishes can be chosen individually
  • High soundproofing and insulation values
  • Burglar-proof thanks to additional safety devices between the fixed element and sliding sash
    as well as optional fitting upgrade with steel swivel hook
  • Smooth and quiet running – even with heavy elements
  • Safe to operate
  • Extremely sturdy construction – functionally reliable and durable as a result

ECOPASS threshold | WITHOUT sill cover

ECOPASS accessible threshold | WITH sill cover (optional)

Available construction diagrams

The lift & slide elements in the HST 2.0 series are available in the design versions shown above.



Outside HST 2.0 timber-aluminum

The HST 2.0 system is also optionally available as a pure TIMBER construction (without outer aluminum shell).

Aluminum shells with welded corners

The corner joints are not simply cut to miter and put together, but are seamlessly welded and ground before the surface coating. This elaborate process ensures an impeccable look and perfect weather resistance and durability.


Inside HST 2.0 timber-aluminum

Upper fixed element view with case frame from the inside – large glass surfaces possible that provide plenty of light.








The lower view shows the case frame from the inside. In contrast to our HST 3.0 and SKYWALL FST 4.0 systems, the glazing does not extend all the way to the floor!

Flush recessed running rail at top

The top running rail is recessed flush



High functional reliability and ease of movement due to high-quality roller bearing construction.

A newly developed sealing channel with overlapping construction ensures excellent, durable waterproofing

Smooth running and permanently stable

The sliding sashes are very smooth-running and quiet to operate thanks to high-quality HS 400 tandem carriages with 4 rollers and 400 KG load capacity 

Absolutely tight with Airstop sealing pad and sealing filler piece

A special sealing pad ensures the best possible waterproofing between the sliding and fixed sashes as well as the drainage shaft.


A sealing filler piece on the closing side ensures maximum sealing performance.

Completely circumferential seal

The high-quality circumferential multi-chamber seal ensures absolute waterproofing and air tightness and thus also excellent insulation

Top security

Locking system equipped with 4 bolt locks as standard – for improved burglar resistance.

4 steel swivel hooks – resulting in maximum burglar protection. Hooks engage into the locking part behind and do not protrude when the door is open.

Security class RC 2 with three anti snap security elements that engage behind (standard just with one centrally arranged anti snap security element)
The additional anti snap security devices between the fixed element and the sliding sash ensure even greater burglar protection.

Integrated concealed soft close damper

The soft-close | soft-open damper gently brakes the sash before it stops when it is opened or closed energetically.
This function increases safety and avoids impact noises

HST 2.0 threshold and drainage system

  • ECOPASS accessible threshold | 10 mm threshold height – thermally separated
  • Optional: Threshold WITH SILL COVER ("smooths" the threshold profile, making it easier to roll over)
  • Drainage mat (blue) drains the water in a controlled manner and the sealing membrane is welded waterproof
  • Individual layered patio structure

Drainage system is required with HST 2.0.


There are no clearly applicable DIN/EN standards (recognized rules of construction engineering) for ACCESSIBLE THRESHOLD SOLUTIONS. Technical innovation regularly progresses faster than the 5 to 10-year updating cycle for common regulations. Existing standards prescribe a threshold height of 15 cm, which is of course by no means “accessible”! 
Customized design versions are referred to as SPECIAL CONSTRUCTIONS in construction practice: Components and/or services are planned and implemented with the utmost care according to the current state of construction engineering, but there is no standard form of execution as per DIN/EN.

This means that customized solutions for the property are agreed between the contractor and the client. Information and clarification about the special construction are provided by the contractor and need to be contractually agreed in writing between owner builder, planner and contractor.

To guarantee permanent waterproofing, the patio structure must be designed in such a way that rainwater is drained off in a controlled manner via a drainage system. The national standards regarding exterior drainage (beyond Döpfner components) must be complied with. In the event of non-compliance, the DÖPFNER warranty does not apply to these components!

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