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Systems: Recessed or flush

Döpfner exterior doors are available in two versions, depending on the model, in addition to the distinction between timber and timber-aluminum construction:

  • Recessed
  • Flush just on the outside or both outside and inside

Recessed door leaf or with cladding panel. The door leaf is glued together in a positive locking manner, making it very dimensionally stable. It is not possible for the door to warp.

Cladding panels in various materials (timber mix, stone mix, mineral mix) and designs allow for a huge range of different customizations


Design + variety of materials

Discover all the options

Timber door surfaces

Wood is a natural product offering many possibilities for surface treatment.

Knot-free surfaces can generally be chosen in oak, larch or spruce.
Knotty surface versions are available in oak or larch.


Surface treatments to choose from:

  • Oiled
  • Glazed / sealed
  • Brushed
  • Opaque in many different RAL colors
    (according to DÖPFNER color charts)



Timber-aluminum door surfaces

Timber and aluminum – the best combination of materials
when it comes to durability and a versatile look

DÖPFNER aluminum shells are always powder-coated and welded.

Choose from 3 aluminum surface versions:

  • Standard (with 10-year warranty) – surface is matte and lightly textured
  • Select (also 10-year warranty) – surface is textured through to to wood imitations
  • Premium (30-year warranty) – considerably more durable surface from glossy to matte and interesting textures


In all three categories you are free to choose from over 60 colors according to the DÖPFNER original color charts



Mineral surfaces

Exposed concrete is totally in line with the modern architecture trend...

The Döpfner mineral surfaces now bring this top up-to-date look to your exterior door as well.

Mineral surfaces are available in many versions, e.g. light or dark, steel or rust look…
Your dealer has a wide range of surface textures and colors to choose from.

This version can only be used on models with curtain shells.



Stone surfaces

Real stone offers an impressive feel and interesting look.

We process stone on our exterior doors over the entire surface or in combination with timber or aluminum.

You can choose from a wide range of stone versions in various surface effects.




Corian®°is a high-quality mineral material
and very versatile.

For door models with cladding, this exclusive material can be used superbly as a visual design element.

There are a number of structures and surfaces available for selection.



Glass versions | Light cut-outs

Glass versions and structures

Glass door surrounds are not only a visual highlight in an exterior door, but also allow more light inside the house and brighten up the hallway.

The selection of glass is huge and gives you the chance to satisfy your individual requirements.

Choose from a whole range of different glass types: clear glass, Satinato and many different kinds of textured glass.

Your local DÖPFNER dealer has all the glass samples!




Energy efficiency + Insulation

State-of-the-art design and performance

Construction depths: maximum stability

Thick, thicker, thickest...

The construction depths of building elements, such as doors and windows, have a significant influence on energy efficiency and insulation.
In addition, a large construction depth naturally also has a positive effect on stability and durability.

Available construction depths:

  • 74 mm
  • 84 mm
  • 94 mm


Perfect insulation properties

The choice of woods plays an important role in insulation and soundproofing. Slowly grown woods with a high density, such as oak, offer higher resistance to all external influences.

DÖPFNER doors have:

  • High-quality door blanks or door friezes with 3 layers of highly stable gluing
  • A high-quality circumferential seal in the door rebate
  • Another sealing layer in the frame
  • Door leaves with insulated core



Glass cut-outs in the front door create visual accents
and provide plenty of light in the room

  • Double or triple glazing
  • Dry glazed inside and outside
  • SWISSPACER insulating glass edge (warm edge) with black spacer
  • No formation of condensation water possible.
  • Selection of insulation, soundproofing or safety glass possible depending on the application.
  • A large number of visually textured or ornamental glass to choose from (your DÖPFNER dealer has all the glass samples)


Function + safety

Overview of door lock versions

The best door is the one you can leave open!

This is a saying that is well-worn, but the feasibility of which depends strongly on the security situation in the respective neighborhood.

It is therefore not a bad idea for modern exterior doors to be as secure as possible using the latest lock technology


Security and ease of use from standard to high-end.
Totally individual!

Standard lock system AS 2600

Even the standard lock is secure and comfortable

Door lock with cylinder and key with a total of three locking areas:

  • Top (bolts and swivel hooks)
  • Middle (latch and deadbolt)
  • Bottom (bolts and swivel hooks)

The locks at the top and bottom each consist of swivel hooks AND bolts.
Together with the locking bolt in the middle, this results in FIVE security points (all made of high-strength steel!).
In combination, this results in a very high level of security even in the STANDARD lock!

It can be equipped with an electric opener.

Automatic lock systems AS 3600 and GENIUS

AS 3600 automatic lock

DÖPFNER uses so-called automatic locks, which can be opened mechanically (with a key) or electronically (fingerprint etc.).

  • Automatic means that not only does the locking bolt in the middle lock, but the additional locks at the top and bottom on the lock forend also automatically lock when closing.

As simple as it is effective:

  • As soon as the secondary lock cases’ two automatic latch bolts are activated by the mechanical releases, they initiate the locking process and lock out to 20 mm.
  • Parallel to this, two swivel hooks engage in the frame parts.
  • Insurance cover is provided by the automatic locking system just by closing door
  • Child safety lock as standard: By closing the bolt in the main lock, children cannot leave the building unnoticed.


GENIUS CB automatic electronic lock

  • With the fully automatic GENIUS CB lock solution, the main deadbolt locks the door electrically when the door is closed (SAFE function)
  • With day release (the electromechanical lock is temporarily deactivated).
  • The door is only locked by the latch (VARIO function)
  • It is opened and unlocked from the inside by the electric motor using the profile cylinder or lever handle (comfort opening).

Security lock system AS 2608

Maximum security

The lock version with even greater security

Door lock with a total of 5 locking areas:

  • 2 at the top
  • 1 in the middle
  • 2 at the bottom
  • 9 security points made of high-strength steel in total:
    4 swivel hooks, 4 bolts and 1 locking bolt 
  • The locking part strip is milled into the door frame 
  • The swing bolt engages behind in the locking part wall
  • Steel inlay in the door frieze on the lock side

Door hinges. The pivot point

DÖPFNER uses different versions of door hinges, which the customer can select individually to suit their requirements.

The hinges are made of a high-quality metal alloy and are equipped with an anti-lift device. They are distinguished by extreme stability, ease of movement and long-term functional reliability.

The following versions are used:

  • Visibly surface-mounted hinges – for use with both recessed and flush constructions
  • Completely concealed hinges – for recessed and flush constructions 


Electronic access control systems

Overview of options

Maximum ease of use with DÖPFNER exterior doors.

There are many alternatives to the key:

  • Bluetooth transponder (with smartphone)
  • Fingerprint scanner (your finger is the key)
  • Keypad (numeric code keyboard option)

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