Protect your high-quality window and exterior door elements!

This is how it's been so far:
Classic window installation 

The building shell is a "dangerous" environment for high-quality windows and doors


The new way:
The Döpfner case installation system

The more intelligent way to install windows and doors

The assembly procedure in detail:

1. Building shell wall

2. Installation of the case into the shell wall

3. The opening is then closed with reinforced film or panel material.

4. All the "dirty" building shell trades can work without endangering the window

5. The screed, plastering and interior construction are finished. The building is dry.

6. The windows are simply and quickly inserted into the case. 


Features and benefits:

  • Material made of Purenit hard foam: Insulating, rot-proof, moisture-resistant and dimensionally stable
  • Tested and certified for thermal conductivity, fire protection, bulk density
  • In the end, better insulation due to the additional insulation of the case construction
  • Improved burglary protection thanks to the additional anchoring of the element in the stonework
  • The high-quality windows are only installed at the end – building moisture, dirt and mechanical loads pass them by without a trace!
  • Dehumidification during the construction phase is simple and safe

Questions about the PREMIUM installation case system

The newly developed DÖPFNER case system can be used instead so that the new windows do not have to be installed immediately in building shells while many trades are still carrying out their work. The cases are made of hard foam (Purenit) and are mounted into the wall openings. The case is then covered with a transparent, tear-resistant reinforced film.

As soon as the construction work is completed, the new window element can be professionally installed in the window case. The case is therefore part of the window installation on the wall connection.


The following DÖPFNER case versions are available:

  • For all window sizes and shapes (arched windows / slanted windows etc.)
  • For balcony doors
  • For all sliding door systems
  • For exterior doors
  • For roller shutter boxes and Venetian blinds

The result:
Perfect quality and complete satisfaction!

Just look!

The PREMIUM CASE INSTALLATION was the best decision. Our windows survived the building marathon without any damage – squeaky clean, without the slightest scratch.

They look just like at the exhibition! Because they were not here yet while all this construction chaos was going on! And it made our planning a lot easier, too!

This was so much less stressful in terms of scheduling – for us and for all the builders!” 

Döpfner PREMIUM case installation system: The film

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Questions about the PREMIUM installation case system

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