DÖPFNER CASE SYSTEMS<br/> <br/> Now at the introductory price! ­­­­­­

Protect your high-quality window and exterior door elements from damage during building work!

This video about the DÖPFNER installation case system will convince you!

Introductory promotion until the end of 2019:
Cases for exterior doors at the introductory price

Normally, the door manufacturer already delivers the exterior doors during the construction phase.

High-quality front doors can very easily be damaged due to carelessness during this time.

Extreme climatic influences, building moisture caused by screed and plaster work or mechanical damage can cause irreparable damage.

The installation cases prevent this because your exterior door is only inserted into the already plastered cases once the construction work has been completed.


Find out more about the DÖPFNER installation case systems


Döpfner specialist trade partners will be offering installation cases for exterior doors with considerable cost advantages until the end of the year.

The installation case offer applies exclusively to our promotional exterior door models in our current "Bärenstark" 2019 promotion.

As can be seen in the video above, installation cases are only used during a building project’s interior construction phase.

All "potentially dangerous" building trades for your new exterior door are then already completed!



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