Döpfner isnaturally different!

Why actually naturally different?

Quite simply
because our customers are different too.

They want ecologically designed products, sustainability, naturalness, value, tangible and visible craftsmanship quality...
In short: Products which are the result of a credible philosophy they can identify with. Our customers want large window areas with panoramic views, pleasant surfaces, 

a homely atmosphere and, of course, energy efficiency at the highest level – both in the new building sector and with renovation and the modernization of old buildings.

We fulfill all these wishes – with the best possible material and workmanship quality and our company’s consistently ecological strategic focus...

Because we exclusively use
local wood transported over shortdistances.

Certified sustainability

Our wood comes from certified sustainable forestry in the Bavarian Forest and not from tropical primary forests or Siberian taiga boreal forests.
Short transport distances prevent CO2emissions and PEFC-certified sustainability guarantees a continuous cycle of use and reforestation


We are a member of the HOLZ VON HIER network

Because we only use recycled

The aluminum profiles for your windows are produced sustainably from high-quality recycled aluminum – this conserves valuable resources and therefore our environment.
Hardly any other material can be recycled as easily into the same product without any loss of quality. 

Our elaborate, highly weatherproof powder coating ensures permanent durability and the lowest
maintenance costs compared to all other materials and surfaces. 
Aluminum is the ecologically sensible and durable "protective shield" for your windows!

Because our company
has been operating sustainably for over 100 years.

Since 1906 we have developed from a small carpenter's workshop to an SME with over 100 employees. Despite this expansion, we have still remained a family-run company, faithful to our traditional, sustainable raw material wood and never succumbed to the temptation of plastic.


DÖPFNER stands for:

  • Naturally renewable frame materials made from local woods
  • No tropical or Siberian woods
  • No PVC
  • Renewable power supply through photovoltaics and thermal energy generation from wood waste

We are your specialist for timber and timber-aluminum windows and exterior door systems made of local "wood transported over short distances" and recycled aluminum. 

That's what we stand for with our name!

Frank and Mario Döpfner


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